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At Common Sense Web Marketing, we take a Common Sense approach to your medical facility or practice’s online marketing efforts to obtain more patients. We will help your facility or practice establish a large web presence in the Digital Universe, improve your search results rankings in the local Google Pack, obtain more online reviews and reach more local patients. We help your practice stand out with a patient-friendly, ADA Compliant website with great local content, local reviews, blog content, and more. Our reputation management platform helps you obtain more reviews, respond to those reviews and have them posted directly on Google and your website. With our integrated digital marketing plan, we’ll help you get more patients and connect with them across the digital universe in real-time. We utilize the Two “Power Twins”  in the digital realm that gets more patients to your practice….Google Business Profile Ranking and Online Reviews!

Let’s look as each one of these two “Power Twins” to see how important these are to you healthcare facility or practice’s bottom line!

Your Online Reviews

Watch Our Easy To Use Review System In Action!

Watch how easy it is for your practice or medical facility to get positive patient reviews with our automated system. Our system comes complete with a mobile app of each of your staff members and an online admin portal for your office staff. Our system even allows your medical staff, caretakers and administrators to request reviews and respond to patient reviews. Corporate can then oversee all operation of our reviews app.

Major Changes in the Marketplace that Effect the Medical Industry

There are some major changes in the marketplace in 2021 for patients. Patient reviews have now become a medical facility’s Sales Force! This factor is having a MAJOR impact on the medical industry!

Patients are now depending on reviews to guide their healthcare provider decisions. 

Most people would guess that online reviews play a part in consumer decision-making. But they might be surprised by just how many consumers are influenced by them. NRC Health’s research found that…

94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to

evaluate healthcare providers. 

That’s an astonishing majority, and it shows how far the transparency revolution has come. In fact, 60.8% of patients say they have avoided a doctor based on negative reviews! Is that affecting your medical facility or practice? 

So, Why Do Most Healthcare Facilities Have Poor Reviews?

What about Recruiting New Employees?

Almost all job seekers read reviews for the company they want to apply for a job! 

91% of companies believe the company’s star rating can determine whether they win or lose a potential employee. Potential employees are now evaluating a business by their reviews!

Most companies (86%) doubt the integrity of online reviews, but this is what potential patients and employees are being influenced by when choosing a healthcare provider or employment! But the top executive of major medical facilities are now considering the reputation risk involved with their online reviews when it comes to evaluating patient care in the eyes of potential patients and job seekers!

Healthcare Reviews | Healthcare marketing

Reviews are your sales force!

Your Google My Business Ranking

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We help get your practice to the top of Google My Business!

Even if you have the best reviews on the planet, potential patients b=must be able to find your healthcare facility or practice when searching online. We use cutting edge technology and our secret sauce to get your practice to the top of the Google My Business local search. We provide monthly reporting, local citations, social mentions, SEO, backlinks and much more to your Google My Business account to help your practice get seen by more potential customers. Since 86% of the people searching for medical providers search on Google, we focus on optimizing your Google My Business account to get your practice ranking higher. Our goal is to get you to the top in your local area and keep you there! 

 People’s journey is finding a new healthcare provider starts with a Google Search. This leads to more calls to your practice.

So, where does your practice rank on the Google Local Search? This is #1 most important thing is getting more potential patients to call your practice! 

Here are a few statistics on how many people call the healthcare provider’s office after they find your practice on Google Search:

Google Healthcare Marketing

This is how important it is for your practice to be at the top of the local Google search! Look at the position and the click trough rates for the Google Local Search: 

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Want to learn more about how we can help your practice or medical facility? Let us perform a FREE Digital Universe Assessment! This will allow you to see where potential patients are finding your practice or facility online and where they are not! We can help individually owned centers and practices as well as corporate facilities and multi-doctor practices!