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Is your business being featured on Google Maps? When a potential customer searches for a product or service that relates to your business does your business show up in the top 10 in Google Maps? If not, you are LOSING SALES!

Any business who relies on local customers can benefit from this strategy. Google Maps are a highly effective strategy to target local audiences and potential customers in the surrounding cities! Not only does it boost your local sales but also builds awareness for your brand. However, getting your business on these Maps and getting your business to rank in the top 3 spots is extremely difficult and time consuming. 

This is where we come in! As a Google My Business Management Agency, we have the expertise to get your business on Google My Business, optimize your page and get your business ranked higher on the Google searches in a short period of time even in other cities! In many cases we can get your business listed in the Google 3 Pack within 90 days! It all starts with our FREE Digital Assessment of your business.

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Google My Business | Google Ranking SEO
Google My Business

 My Google Business is the fastest way for your business to reach potential customers. However, setting up your Google My Business account and getting your business to rank has become more and more difficult. Your position on Google My Business (Maps) impacts your businesses bottom line!

Breakdown of Google Click-Through Rates in 2020 By Position

  • Position 1 – 43.32%
  • Position 2 – 37.36%
  • Position 3 –29.90%
  • Position 4 – 19.38%
  • Position 5 –10.95%
  • Position 6 – 10%
  • Position 7 – 5.28%
  • Position 8 – 4.13%
  • Position 9 – 4.13%
  • Position 10 – 3.11%

You will notice that the businesses with the best reviews are the ones that are at the top of the Google search! Even if you are found in the top 3, but you have bad reviews, people will move on to another business with better reviews. So, Google My Business and your online reviews are linked to together for maximum impact!  We have the tools and experience to get your business to the top of Google Maps and keep it there! Only $200 per month!

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