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Tim, owner of Common Sense Web Marketing is originally from Chicago, but moved to Lansing, Michigan and has been a business owner for over 50 years. Tim and his wife moved to Palm Coast, FL and 2 of their adult kids moved down shortly after.

Tim started Common Sense Web Marketing in Palm Coast, FL and the business continues to thrive since 2007. This family owned and operated business loves helping local and national businesses grow in their local marketplace.

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Tim and his best friend Goldie


Our Concept For Our Happy Customer Reviews Mobile App

In today’s “digital marketplace”, all the geeks like to be cute and design software changes and talk over our heads.

When we built our Happy Customer Reviews app, I insisted that it be Timmy Proof. I used my name instead of “dummy proof”. I like to keep business simple as possible and talk the language of local businessperson. My thought, if I want my team to get a review, It needs to be EASY for both your team and your client to use. We even trademarked the name – Happy Customer Reviews and are in the process of making it National.  

Everything starts with a great looking website. Too many businesses show up on Google with no website or a cheap old website. This is your online store, do it right. Google My Business page is a great way to rank higher on the 1st page. It represents over 25% of your ranking. It also is a great way to get found for multiple services by shoppers.

Let’s face it, if you don’t believe the news, why trust the advertisers? This is why most shoppers trust reviews as much as referrals from friends and family. Reviews are your new referrals. Shoppers trust what their customers are saying more than any advertising.

This is why we are including our Happy Customer Review app into any product you may choose to purchase. We set it up and make it easy for you.






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