About us

About Us

We are the experts in the digital arena of Google Maps, Website SEO, Website Design and Social Media Management

At Common Sense Web Marketing we focus on what matters most to our clients:

The highest quality personalized service and industry leading results that lead to more sales!

Common Sense Web Marketing uses the most advanced technology to get their clients the best results for their money at the lowest cost to the business!  We use only tried and tested web strategies to get our clients the desired results. While no web development firm can guarantee the top spot on Google, we have had great results in placing our clients in the top spots on Google Maps!

“Get the Results of High Dollar SEO and Website Creation, Without Breaking the Bank!”

  • Each of our Web Specialists and Brand Managers are professionally trained to perform the most comprehensive digital evaluation; in order to ensure proper programming using our breakthrough computer software.
  • We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled results and continued personalized support.
  • Our highly trained staff understands the frustrations that the internet can create and is dedicated to providing the most professional and accurate tools and methods available to get the results our clients desire.

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