How most medical groups handle customer reviews.


Most healthcare providers have a poor online reputation that does not reflect the quality of care they provide their patients.  Here is why:

  • They rely on their patients to give them a review online. They just ignore the reviews and focus on their practice.  BIG Mistake
  • Some ask the patients to go on Google and leave a review. Not very effective – they forget, don’t know how or they think it’s too difficult
  • Many use a platform on their laptop and tell their receptionist to send email and text for a review (since they have their information). NOT Good.  Many times, it is sent to a patient with a bad experience which generates a bad review.
  • Multiple locations mainly rely on Corporate to handle their online reviews and responses. Patients and customers know when the response comes from corporate.  It isn’t real or personal.


Problem with this!

With 95% of medical patients reading your reviews on Google, your reputation effects the bottom line.  Reviews are the 3rd most important factor for Google placement and managing your Google “My Business page” and reviews represents 41% of your placement.

  • Doing nothing hurts your reputation
  • If you want reviews from your happy patients, it needs to be EASY
  • Just sending a request without contacting them first will get 3% for email and 8.5% for texts.
  • Sending random reviews will encourage all disenchanted patients to respond with a bad review. Don’t make it easy for bad reviews because they had to wait too long, someone took too long or someone was having a bad day.
  • When someone writes a review for local office, they expect the local office to respond to the review – Not Corporate.

Common Sense Approach to “Happy Customer Reviews”

IF you want to improve your reputation and get more reviews from your “happy customers”, you will need to take a different approach.

Most doctors and corporate managers are not in position to ask for reviews.  However, the employee or care givers are in touch with the patients every day and are the perfect ones to ask for a review.  They have a relationship to your patients in home medical care, hospitals, nurses, helpers and employees who interacts with patients.

We have developed a mobile app that allows all your employees to download our “Happy Customer Reviews” app to their smartphone from the app store for free.  We also include an online management platform that is assessable with your computer.  This is where you can add employee to the system for getting reviews, track who requested the reviews and who responded to the review (the administrator can use the response or change it). Now you have a local team to help you get more reviews from your happy customers.

If you setup a reward program for your employees, they will respond and love it.  Just like a waitress, they don’t need to be told to be nice to customers – their tips depend on it.  If your employees are nice to your patients or customers, that’s a good thing.  Getting a reward for reviews encourages them to treat patients better.

Stats show that 86% of shoppers would give you a review if asked.  They want to share a good experience.  All your employee needs to do is;

  • Ask for a review from the patient or family member – make it personal
  • Open the app and type in their name and cell number and press “Send”
  • The patient gets a text within 5-8 seconds. Ask them to open the text. (they won’t recognize the phone number and might delete the text)
  • Simply walk them through the process – it’s easy
  • Ask for the top 3 things reader want – Performance, Satisfaction and Quality. If 2 of these are mentioned, it is a great review
  • You can respond to the review with your app – it’s that easy


All reviews are tracked by our software and the administrator can use the employee’s response or change it before it gets posted on Google.

It’s that easy! You will be surprised how your employees will be motivated to get great reviews.  This is a great way to find diamonds in the rough for future promotions.  Plus, the reviews are believable because it’s personal and has local relevance.

Results You Can Expect

  • Higher ranking on the search engine for your local location
  • Better star rating – with more Happy Customer Reviews
  • Motivated staff helping get reviews
  • Better reputation in the eyes of public and potential employees
  • Better reviews attract higher quality workers
  • Increase in revenue due to more calls and visits
  • Reviews represent more accurately your quality of care to potential patients and protects your reputation.

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