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#1 - Your Website - This is Your Foundation!

Your website represents who you are and what you do! So, don’t go cheap!

Not only should your website look great and professional, it needs to be a high quality, optimized website for ranking purposes. Afterall, it is your online store.  It needs to be attractive, informative, fast loading and represent who you are. Show what products and services you are offering and why you are their best option.  You don’t want a DIY web design because it represents the quality of your business.  This is not an area for shortcuts.  If you were opening a retail store or restaurant, it needs to look great in order to attract shoppers.

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Google Business Profile

This graph represents the top10 (20 on page) listed on the local Google search. You can see the potential for growth by ranking just a few spots higher.

#2 - Your Google Business Profile

Properly managing your Google Business Profile is critical for getting found by shoppers looking for your services. 

In today’s market, there isn’t a single magic solution that can instantly get your business at the top of the Google local search. Properly managing your “Google Business Profile” page is crucial for enhancing your discoverability, particularly if you want to get found where shoppers are searching for your services. Mastering this art involves understanding Google’s language and employing effective strategies to achieve higher rankings in the local search.

Integrating your business profile page with quality backlinks, citations, links to your social media, Facebook and website can do wonders for Google placement when managed properly! This is one of our specialties!

It’s no secret – The businesses at the top of the local Google search gets the most calls & sales!

#3 - Your Google Reviews - These Are Your Online Sales Force!

95% of shoppers read reviews BEFORE they purchase online.

Think about it! Your business reviews are a major deciding factor for potential clients and is why “Reviews Are Your Sales Force”. They even help with your Google Ranking, because one of the top ranking factors is Google Trust!

Stats show that in 2023 customers say they would give you a business review if you simply asked.  However, I’ve talked to a lot of frustrated business owners, and they all say the same thing – “I have asked a lot of my customers for a review, they say they will give us one BUT they rarely do.”   

The key is it needs to be EASY for both the customer and your team.  That’s right, include your team because the reviews are mostly about their service.

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In todays digital era, there is no one silver bullet that gets your business on page one of the search engines or to the top of Google maps. It takes all of your digital properties working together in what we call “Digital Synergy” to get your business to the top. This is where Common Sense Web Marketing come in! Since 2007, we have helped many local and national business bring in more buying customers by using a common sense approach in building a business’s digital universe. These include a business’s website, Google Business Profile, local citation and backlink building, online reputation building and management, building up a business’s Google Trust factor and interlinking all of their social media accounts to build a digital platform that help present your products or services where people are shopping. 

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