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get found on search engine results with our online marketing solutions

Get Found On 1st Page of Google, Yahoo & Bing
The Key to Internet Sales is GETTING FOUND!!  Both shoppers and your current clients need to be able to find your business under the key search phrase that best describes what you do.  Get found on Google, Yahoo &

stand out in the search results with our online marketing solutions

You Need To Stand Out
With 25 competitors listed on each page, you need a page title that makes your business stand out! Tell customers why they should click on your website vs the other websites listed on the page! We market your business for results with creative online marketing solutions!

Why should customers call you?

Tell Customers Why You’re Their Best Option
When shoppers click on different websites, they are looking for reasons to buy. We them WHY they should buy from your business vs. competitors. We also include specials in order to generate sales calls. We make it easy for shoppers to choose your business for their needs.

increase sales with our online marketing solutions

Get Found In ALL The Cities You Want Business 
Increase revenue by making it easy for shoppers to find you in ALL the Cities you want business. Most business websites MIGHT show up in the City your business is located but NOT in surrounding cities.. If you want business in other Cities, We CAN DO IT!!



One time setup fee – $99
(6/mo minimum)

No Longterm Contract

special offer on our online marketing solutions

Increase Revenue – Attract Shoppers in Surrounding Cities!

Common sense online marketing solutions

15 Minutes of Your Time – Website up in ONE WEEK

Free Internet Marketing Evaluations

Common Sense Reasons For Marketing Sites

1. Does your current website attract business?.  Does your current website tell shoppers why they should call your company? If you customers cannot find your business easily by searching for what you do, then you may be in trouble.  If you do screen repair then you need to show up under screen repair or screen replacement in the city both new shoppers and your current customers are looking for your service. Only 5% of shoppers will go to page 2 of Google, Yahoo & Bing.  You need to be on the 1st page!!

2. Maybe you already have a website that works for you locally but would like to get more business by showing up in additional cities. Local websites may show up locally but rarely show up in surrounding cities. Let us help you get the placement you need in surrounding cities in order to increase your bottom line!

3. If you business does more then on service, consider a website for your most profitable line.  Many companies offer more then one service.  Maybe your a  home builder with sales.  Consider doing a website geared to roofing or kitchen remodeling.  This is a way to increase revenue. If your adding a new service to your business, let us help get the word out there.

Our Online Marketing Solutions

Does you business show up under the key search phrase that best describes you business?

1. Obviously, having a website to promote your business on the Internet is important. Do you know the key search phrase for your business?  Example:  If you sell homeowners insurance, did you know that home insurance is the most searched phrase?  If you do screen enclosures, did you know that screen replacement and screen repair are the top 2 searched phrases?  We will check the best search phrase before we build a website in order to get the maximum effect for your business.

2. We check for local placement along with placement in cities that your looking for more business.  You need to show up for the product or service that brings in the most revenue.

3. Although Yahoo & Bing search engines represent 32% of all Internet searches, they represent 43% of local business searches. 28% of Yahoo & Bing searches are for local businesses while 15% of searches on Google are for local businesses. You NEED to show up on Yahoo & Bing for best marketing results.

4. We make it easy.  We will need 15 minutes to get the info for the home page.  We then will take about a week to build the 5 page website while you focus on your business.  In about one week we will send you your new website. We then will make any changes that you want.  If you have pictures, send them.  If not, that’s ok.  All changes are free.

Common Sense Internet Evaluation for your Business


Let’s assume you’re a roofing contractor in Florida.  These are the steps we will use to evaluate your Internet exposure.


  1. Clear your search history – if you clicked on your website, your computer saves the last websites you visited. Search for your business like shoppers do.
  2. Do you know the key search phrases shoppers use when looking for your roofing business? Google trends tells us the exact phrases shoppers are using.  The top search phrases (according to Google Trends) by shoppers are the following in order;
  3. Roofing
  4. Metal roof
  5. Roof repair
  6. roofers
  7. New Roof
  8. Shingle roof
  9. Roofing contractors
  10. Roofer
  11. Roofing contractor
  12. Re-roofing
  13. Maybe you have a website that will show up on the 1st page in your city, how about the other cities that you are trying to get more business from. Search by key search phrase and include the city or cities you’re trying to get more business from.
  14. Use these key search phrases to shop for your business in the surrounding cities that you want business – include the city next door. If shoppers cannot find your, how do you expect to get calls?
  15. On your home page – do you give the shoppers reasons to call you vs your competitors?
  16. When was the last time that your website was updated with new content, pictures or new template? These updates can make a big difference on how high your websites shows up on the search engines.
  17. Does your website show up on all the search engines? Remember, 1/3 of all searches on the Internet are on Yahoo & Bing.



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